Saturday, March 8, 2014

Writing In The Moment

I feel I'm writing Gruldak in a style that is a little different for me but I'm finding the process delightful.

Writing in the moment is the only sort of writing that flows well for me.  I greatly enjoy writing freely as I'm imagining images and sensation impressions.

I think there's a special appeal to living in the moment, something so many people forget to notice in their own lives that they are drawn in by it on the page.  I think maybe that's where all those young adult authors are all going on about with that recent rash of novels written in first person and in present tense.  However, I think the readers I'm trying to reach can connect to the past tense at least by the time they've connected to the first person.  As history spins itself out in reverse order so they learn something at the end of the story that ensures they will have known it all along they'll connect to one or the other.  At least that's what I'm hoping for.

Anyway, I'm writing and, in some cases, re-writing this novel with that in mind.

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