Friday, March 28, 2014

It's Still Exciting But I'm Starting To Feel Impatient

I posted the sixth installment of GOTG on Squidoo this morning.  It brings the first act of the novel to a close.

The serializing process has really made me focused and I've found myself rewriting and editing like crazy.  I accidentally found a new subplot last week and I'm fleshing it out, too. 

I'm going to eventually hit into the "no sex" policy on Squidoo so I've been trying to make a sex-free version of several future chapters so they can go up on Squidoo.  I guess maybe people will buy the finished ebook to see what they missed out on?  I sure hope so because it's kind of a pain in the ass to get some of those bits right without the sex and to still leave the same impression.  What I've fixed up so far works but I'm not so sure it works as well. 

The violence has been easy to make Squidoo-safe because all I think I need to do is go a little lighter on descriptions to avoid pushing it beyond a PG-13 sort of level.  I fixed up one scene last night by taking out four sentences, removing some adjectives and expressing how unsettling/horrifying things were by showing the characters' feelings rather than showing everything they witnessed. 

I'm wondering if I should somehow indicate the parts appearing in a censored version on Squidoo both to let readers know that something is being left out and perhaps to excite their curiosity?  Anyway, there's some time before we hit the first sex scene and violence and profanity only need some minor tweaks in the next few installments and chapters.  Or so I think.  I'll play it by ear, I guess and the eBook version can always deliver the uncensored goodness if the online segments don't.

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