Friday, March 28, 2014

It's Still Exciting But I'm Starting To Feel Impatient

I posted the sixth installment of GOTG on Squidoo this morning.  It brings the first act of the novel to a close.

The serializing process has really made me focused and I've found myself rewriting and editing like crazy.  I accidentally found a new subplot last week and I'm fleshing it out, too. 

I'm going to eventually hit into the "no sex" policy on Squidoo so I've been trying to make a sex-free version of several future chapters so they can go up on Squidoo.  I guess maybe people will buy the finished ebook to see what they missed out on?  I sure hope so because it's kind of a pain in the ass to get some of those bits right without the sex and to still leave the same impression.  What I've fixed up so far works but I'm not so sure it works as well. 

The violence has been easy to make Squidoo-safe because all I think I need to do is go a little lighter on descriptions to avoid pushing it beyond a PG-13 sort of level.  I fixed up one scene last night by taking out four sentences, removing some adjectives and expressing how unsettling/horrifying things were by showing the characters' feelings rather than showing everything they witnessed. 

I'm wondering if I should somehow indicate the parts appearing in a censored version on Squidoo both to let readers know that something is being left out and perhaps to excite their curiosity?  Anyway, there's some time before we hit the first sex scene and violence and profanity only need some minor tweaks in the next few installments and chapters.  Or so I think.  I'll play it by ear, I guess and the eBook version can always deliver the uncensored goodness if the online segments don't.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fifth Installment

So I obviously forgot to post the link to last Friday's installment of Gruldak.  I hope you can forgive me my slip.  But I did get an email out to all of the email subscribers so I don't think it makes me too much the baddy.

Anyway, you can read installment number five at

If you forgot where the last installment left off, you can scroll up just a little and see the end of that segment.

Happy reading!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Installment Four Went Up Today

Early this afternoon I posted the fourth segment of Gift of the Gruldak on Squidoo.  It is the longest segment I've posted so far and contained the most "meat" so far also.  I surprised myself when I checked the word count today when I realized I've put up the equivalent of 36 pages of the book so far.

If you've read the earlier segments you'll realize the book is weird.  This portion might bring some of that oddness into perspective but probably won't dispel any of it. 

Check out installment #4!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Writing In The Moment

I feel I'm writing Gruldak in a style that is a little different for me but I'm finding the process delightful.

Writing in the moment is the only sort of writing that flows well for me.  I greatly enjoy writing freely as I'm imagining images and sensation impressions.

I think there's a special appeal to living in the moment, something so many people forget to notice in their own lives that they are drawn in by it on the page.  I think maybe that's where all those young adult authors are all going on about with that recent rash of novels written in first person and in present tense.  However, I think the readers I'm trying to reach can connect to the past tense at least by the time they've connected to the first person.  As history spins itself out in reverse order so they learn something at the end of the story that ensures they will have known it all along they'll connect to one or the other.  At least that's what I'm hoping for.

Anyway, I'm writing and, in some cases, re-writing this novel with that in mind.

I've Danced Myself Into A Joyful Groove

When I've written everything there is to write about my adventure with serializing and writing Gift of the Gruldak I wonder how many times I will have used the word excited and its synonyms? 

I'm still so excited!  I've gotten more email subscribers including a woman whose writing I admire and a science writer I follow.  Gruldak gained fifteen new followers on its Twitter account overnight.  Squidoo also included an image link to Gruldak on a Squidoo Writers Are Awesome page where they've chosen a bunch of Squidoo hosted webpages begun in 2014 to feature.  The link is under the "book" header.

I'm bubbling over with that feeling I keep mentioning so much I may write another post today.  I'm trying to think of the words to express this groove I've danced into while editing and writing this book.  It feels amazing and I'd love it if I could help other writers to figure out how to get in such a joyful groove of their own by sharing my experience.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Today I put up the third installment of GOTG on its webpage.  I also emailed its subscribers with links to the first three installments from Gruldak's brand new email address.  Of course I tweeted the link to the new installment and posted it on the Gruldak facebook page.

I looked at the webpage's stats and I've noticed that the page is getting plenty of repeat visits but not so many new visits. 

In reading through the segment, I realized that there's a small part of the next installment I could edit to read a bit better before I put it up next week.  I also thought of a twist on one of the sub-plots that hadn't previously occurred to me so I'd better start laying the groundwork for it soon.