Saturday, March 8, 2014

I've Danced Myself Into A Joyful Groove

When I've written everything there is to write about my adventure with serializing and writing Gift of the Gruldak I wonder how many times I will have used the word excited and its synonyms? 

I'm still so excited!  I've gotten more email subscribers including a woman whose writing I admire and a science writer I follow.  Gruldak gained fifteen new followers on its Twitter account overnight.  Squidoo also included an image link to Gruldak on a Squidoo Writers Are Awesome page where they've chosen a bunch of Squidoo hosted webpages begun in 2014 to feature.  The link is under the "book" header.

I'm bubbling over with that feeling I keep mentioning so much I may write another post today.  I'm trying to think of the words to express this groove I've danced into while editing and writing this book.  It feels amazing and I'd love it if I could help other writers to figure out how to get in such a joyful groove of their own by sharing my experience.

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