Thursday, March 6, 2014

The next installment of GOTG goes up tomorrow.  I'm glad it's hit a point where more happens that speaks to the characters' backgrounds and their relationships to each other.

I'm hoping that the views will start to snowball but that may take a lot more time.  I'd like to have less than a quarter of the book up before the page hits a solid readership because it will be more fun for people who get in at the beginning, I think.  So I'm kind of trickling it out in very short installments until I see the response moving a bit faster.  Once I feel its readership is taking off, I'll probably put out larger installments, at least some of the time.

Of course some of the decision as to how much to put up in an installment has to do with where I can find a good stopping point.  I want to give some possibly surprising new information in each installment while giving readers a brand new question to ask by the end if not before. I have a feeling it will get easier as the readers have more previously learned information to work from as I present an adventure set in a universe where that information applies.

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